Beyond the "fractal" art

All the following pictures are copyrighted. I have asked the permission for reproducing them to their authors. For all of them, I mention the name of the picture (if any) and the author, together with a link towards his (or her) personal website, where other fine works can be seen.
Steven Rooke
Primal Emergence
1995 Steven Rooke

Genetic Art (with nothing fractal, according to the author); also algorist

Steven Rooke
In the Beginning
1998 Steven Rooke

Genetic Art (with a lot of "fractal seeds", according to the author); also algorist

Jean Pierre Hébert
Jean Pierre Hébert


Ken Musgrave
Slickrock I
1991 Ken Musgrave

Fractal landscape

1994 Robert Russ

Abstract 3-D (?)

Robert Russ
1994 Robert Russ

Abstract 3-D (?)


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