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References and links

Here I sum up the various documents which were mentioned or used to write these pages.



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Internet links: software

Spanky: informations about Fractint
U.A.E., Amiga emulations on various machines
Fractalus: informations about the main fractal programs for PC
Ultrafractal, the software
Fractint on Macintosh (will it be ever true?)
Glenn Elert : software compilation for Macintosh
Fractal Domains, a program for MacIntosh

Internet links: artist websites

Bradley W. Schenck, one of the Amiga pionneers
One of the Fred Forest websites, virtual art and aesthetism of the communication
Paul Carbone, digital painter
The website of the Bryce creator, with links towards a lot of artist users
Nart Website : presentation of the Fractalist Movement
Pictures obtained with Arts et Frontières, with the Amiga
Linda Allison, fractal images
Alice Kelley, fractal images
Fractalus: galleries of Linda Allison, Alice Kelley, Sharon Webb ; 1997 and 1998 fractal competitions
Earl L. Hinrich, fractal images
Sylvie Gallet, fractal images
Ron Barnett, fractal images
Brian E. Jones, fractal images
Kerry Mitchell, fractal images
The website of a Ultrafractal user
Yoichiro Kawaguchi, pionneer of digital pictures
Steven Rooke, genetic art
Ken Musgrave, fractal landscapes, algorist
Roman Verostko, algorist
Helaman Ferguson, algorist, sculptor
Jean Pierre Hébert, algorist

Internet Links: miscelleanous

Art Courses of Paul Getty Center
Nart Website : presentation of fractalist painters
Glenn Elert, generalities about fractals, orbits, Lyapunov exponents, fractal dimension, etc... Compilations of Macintosh software


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