The trouble with Modern Art largely comes from the words surrounding it. Too often, Art was given the mission of revealing some hidden or out of reach truth –and preferably taking the opposite course to everything accepted so far. Prophets are not celebrated for the clarity of their words. Their exegetes in Art Criticism, while attempting to honouring this sacred ambition, sometimes stated new thruths which were simply myths, or which turned into myths. Some of them can be justified, but others are empty and it would be just as well to deflate them in order to make a bit saner the discourse on Art.

De facto, fractals pictures are part of contemporary Art and they were the focus of various reflexions of this kind. Two of these myths are analysed below.

The self-similarity invites us to a fascinating dive towards the infinitesimal. On the other hand, Benoît Mandelbrot explains in his book how one looked for a fractal pattern in the location of galaxies, in the infinitely great. This conjonction of the two infinites is really fascinating, but that is no reason to sink into a mystical delirium.

More recently, in the presentation of Fractalist Painters, the novelty of these "non-Euclidean" (fractal) pictures was emphasized several times. I am skeptical about the relevance of this non-Euclidean reference.


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