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Fractint is the Swiss knife of fractal hunters in the PC universe. This is a freeware, i.e. a software with reserved rights, but which can be freely distributed as long as no commercial profit is made from it. It is available from many places in the network. Ask for "Fractint" in Altavista or whatever you prefer and you will be given a list of places from where to download it; the Spanky's pages are a good entry point. It also exists on a few other operating systems (OS2, Unix, Amiga), but still not for MacOS, as far as I know.

It can do nearly everything... As an Amiga veteran passed to the Macintosh, I never played with it and I am only repeating what I read here and there. By the years 93-94, the contents were already impressive
  Mandelbrot Set, Julia Sets, Inverse Julias, Newton domains of attraction, Complex Newton, Lambda Sets, Mandellambda Sets, Circle, Plasma Clouds, Lambdafn, Mandelfn, Barnsley Mandelbrot/Julia Sets, Barnsley IFS Fractals, Sierpinski Gasket, Quartic Mandelbrot/Julia, Distance Estimator, Pickover Mandelbrot/Julia Types, Pickover Popcorn, Peterson Variations, Scott Taylor / Lee Skinner Variations, Kam Torus, Bifurcation, Orbit Fractals, Lorenz Attractors, Rossler Attractors, Henon Attractors, Pickover Attractors, Gingerbreadman, Martin Attractors, Julibrots, Diffusion Limited Aggregation, Magnetic Fractals, L-Systems, Lyapunov Fractals, fn-fn Fractals, Halley, Dynamic System, Mandelcloud, Quaternion, HyperComplex, Cellular Automata, Phoenix, Frothy Basins
Undoubtly, the list is now even longer and, anyway, if you do not find the mathematical function that you are looking for, you can now code it directly!

In their time, the Amiga users would grumble that such all-purpose software possibly did not achieve everything at the best, they were skeptical about the speed of computations and they were rather laughing at its ergonomics. But now the Amiga has vanished, and even if Fractint is not far more friendly-user than by the past, it has taken benefit of the incredible power rise of MS-DOS machines. It is now the way to an astounding variety of pictures; to be aware of this, go to the Fractalus website and look at the entries in the 1998 competition, in the "Fractint" category.

Other PC software

Other programs have developed for PC, specially to get 24-bit colour pictures. The main titles can be found in the Fractalus website; add the program "Ultrafractal".

Macintosh software

A comprehensive compilation can be found in the website of Glenn Elert, with many entries, but nothing as powerful or versatile as Fractint. One may quote XaoS  and Fractal Domains. However, Fractint might very well run on Macintosh in a near future.

Amiga software

Would a collector or an archeologist be interested, I could propose my own MandelTour, with which all the Mandelbrot pictures in this website have been obtained. It specially offered a very easy handling of colours, no equivalent of which I have found in more recent programs. Theoretically, it could run on PC or Macintosh provided that the corresponding U.A.E. emulation is installed, but I have no confirmation.

Art&Frontières was a commercial program for computing a few variants of the Mandelbrot Set. Maybe it will be rewritten for Windows95.


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