Delving down into Markus-Lyapunov Fractals

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Here is an example of research across a Markus-Lyapunov fractal. The process is quite similar to that with a Mandelbrot explorer -except that computations are quite slower...




A second enlarging leads to  
the new picture below:         





and we thus arrive at an image which begins to be rather interesting... Of course we still have to give it attractive colors and to integrate it into a well balanced composition.

  • Computing parameters: zoom x 43, INIT=300, NLYAP=800.


Here is the general view of the fractal, a rather complicated one, with the root 2222222222112211, INIT=100 and NLYAP=100 (click here for an explanation of these parameters). As usual, such a general view is not very interesting in itself, but it is the basis for further exploration. Enlarging the enframed area on the left leads to the picture below:





and enlarging again the enframed area on the left
leads to the picture below:



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