The following pages are an attempt to think about the relationship between fractal pictures and Art. I do not claim any authority in the field of Art Philosophy and my ideas can be considered somewhat naive. Dear reader, the matter is far from being closed. Would you like to participate, through some new idea and/or reference, or through some reaction to the opinions in these pages, please write to me!

The general framework is given below, together with the most important pages (click on the buttons to get them). However, you will have to go through the "introduction" pages to access the whole set of pages logically. The complete list of the pages is displayed on the right.

Discovering the fractal world

bouton Introduction
bouton First steps across the Mandelbrot Set
bouton The great richness of the fractal world
bouton Software
bouton Bibliography and links
Mandelbrot Exploration
Lyapounov Exploration
Von Koch Curves
IFS Fractals
Fractal Dimension
Mandelbrot Relatives
Finest Fractal Pictures (gallery)
Biblio and Links

Fractals and mysticism

bouton Introduction
bouton Self-similarity and the vertigo of the Infinite
bouton Non-Euclidean pictures ?
The Mysticism of Infinite
Non-Euclidean Art?
Fractalist Painters

A new Art ?

bouton Introduction
bouton Why are fractal pictures so popular?
bouton What can we do with Mandelbrot pictures?
bouton What about putting a pretty girl in front of them?
bouton The Fractalist Movement
bouton Fractal Art or Algorithmic Art?
bouton Beyond the "Fractal" Art
Fascination of Fractals
Fractals and Photography
Definitions of Art
The choice of Colours
Other Choices of Colours
Fractalists Painters
Compositions with Mandelbrot
Put a pretty girl
Algorithmic Art
Beyond "Fractal" Art (gallery)

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