Charles Vassallo, beyond his job of phycisist, first had a passion for photography. He took advantage of the rich environment provided by the Objectif-Image Trégor photo-club; there he practised technical scales and he refined his taste for images.

A second passion arose with the arrival of the first personal computers and the programming of these marvelous toys named PET or Apple II. Both passions merged when, thanks to the Amiga, it became possible to make numerical pictures worthy of the name. Then Mandelbrot fever was raging and Charles did not escape it. He wrote a first program with the purpose of getting "beautiful" pictures, and, through a lot of upgrades, he finally obtained one of the finest Mandelbrot explorers on any machine (in his own opinion, that is).

In 1991, the Scientific American unveiled the Markus-Lyapunov fractals, a new kind of fractals with a striking graphical interest. Then most of the general fractal explorers were given new menu entries for this novelty, but the enthusiasm rapidly petered out when it appeared that these pictures called for huge CPU times, at least when one attempted to get the same quality as the original Markus images. Charles adapted his explorer for them, still for the Amiga, and he went a bit farther than others thanks to optimized algorithms, a program designed for a systematic exploration of a fractal, and (specially) the true multitasking Amiga operating system which enabled to still use the machine while a lengthy computation was proceeding.

In 94-95, Charles discovered the big titles in graphics software, those that allow for outputs with the same quality as classical photography. Then the Amiga sunk and he turned to the Macintosh and Photoshop. For fun, he made a first composition of Lyapunov fractals and the result suggested him to go deeper along this way. In July 1997 he had a first exhibition with 16 pictures in Lannion (northern Brittany, France). Since then, these pictures have been sent to various competitions and Salons.

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