About the pictures

These pictures are collages of Markus-Lyapunov fractals. The raw fractals were computed in 1536 x 1100 format with an old Amiga 4000, by means of the author's own program, then transferred on a Macintosh and refined with Photoshop.

Lyapunov fractals, when computed with enough accuracy, offer strange shapes, often fascinating, with a striking tri-dimensional look, far away from the sharp geometric perfection of Mandelbrot pictures - a rather cold perfection in spite of usual vivid colors. Here, the complexity of shapes takes over the intricacy of colors. One enters the kingdom of asymetry. Often tentacles or strands are twisting and wiggling, suggesting something alive. Now be (very) patient, and you will observe a large diversity in details, from roots to roots.

So raw pictures can be very interesting. But rapidly, one thinks that mixing two of them could be even more interesting - and, of course, how about three or four of them? But one thus enters the domain of collages, which is somewhat arbitrary; after all, one can mix the first picture with anything else. The author decided to restrict the game with the rule of mixing only pieces of Markus-Lyapunov fractals, by playing only with colors and transparencies, with no use of sophisticated filters... but to tell the truth, he also cheated a bit from time to time.

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